70 conservatee CCP 416. 90 authorized person other specify by personal delivery on date Page 1 of 1 Form Adopted for Mandatory Use Judicial Council of California SUM-100 Rev. July 1 2009 Save This Form Print This Form Code of Civil Procedure 412. SUM-100 SUMMONS FOR COURT USE ONLY SOLO PARA USO DE LA CORTE To keep other people from seeing what you entered on your form please press the Clear This Form button at the end of the form when finished. CITACION JUDICIAL NOTICE TO DEFENDANT AVISO AL...
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Comments and Help with summons form california

Who needs a Form SUM-100?

This form is to be used by court representatives in order to report to a person the fact that they are being sued.

What is Form SUM-100 for?

This form, called the Summons, is the notice to defendant that informs them about the following:

A person has 30 calendar days after this form is served on them to file a written response at the court and have a copy served on the plaintiff.This written response must be made in a proper legal form in order for the case to be heard by the court.

Is Form SUM-100 accompanied by other forms?

For necessary attachments (for instance, a form to be used for response) check the California Legal Service website - www.lawhelpcalifornia.org .

For proof of service of the California summons, a person that has been sued must use Proof of Service of Summons (Form POS-010).

When is SUM100 Form due?

This form doesn’t have a due period. It is sent to a person that has been sued at a time when a lawsuit is filed with the court.

How do I fill out Form SUM-100?

In the first block of this form, the defendant name must be indicated;

In the second block, the plaintiff’s name must be entered;

The third block of the form must be filled with the information of the court address;

The case number must be entered in the fourth block;

The name, address, and telephone number of plaintiff's attorney, or plaintiff without an attorney must be provided as well.

Details on the suit are to be specified in the last block of the form.

In order to be completed, this Summons must be signed and dated by the clerk; the seal must be put as well.

Where do I send California Summons Form SUM-100?

After being received, this form should be kept by a person being sued for their personal records.


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Instructions and Help about summons california form

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